Unloader Valves & Idle Down Pistons

Unloader valves are used to release pressure from air receivers where there is no mechanism to automatically stop the compressor (for example, on petrol or diesel air compressors).  MADE IN ITALY.  

The Unloader Idle Piston is a device that, once the unloader valve is activated, brings the revs of the engine down to idle, so both compressor and engine are working at a much reduced speed.  MADE IN THE USA.


  • ½” unloader valve
  • To suit K17P, K17PS/PALL, K25PR, K25P, K17D, K25D, K30D


  • ¾” unloader valve
  • To suit K30P


  • 1 ¼” unloader valve


  • Unloader idle piston to suit Honda GX160
  • To suit K17P, k17PS/PALL, K17D, K25D, K30D


  • Unloader idle piston to suit Honda GX270
  • To suit K25PR, K25P


  • Unloader idle piston to suit Honda GX340 & GX390
  • To suit K30P

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