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Quickline Aluminum Piping System

Are your Clients’ Compressed Air Delivery Systems ruining their quality of air?


Good quality air from an air compressor is vital for optimal efficiency and productivity. Poor quality air may not be the fault of the compressor, but due to the design and nature of the compressed air delivery system.


The Quickline Aluminum Piping System from Pilot Air is the latest in compressed air distribution piping technology.


Quickline offers compressed air distribution solutions and applications for systems of all kinds and sizes, from small workshops to large manufacturing complexes. Quickline was developed to ensure durability, efficiency and energy savings.


Designed and manufactured in Europe, the Quickline system offers significant benefits:Quickline

  • Larger internal pipe section and unique internal coating that allows greater airflow and minimizes pressure drop compared with alternative piping systems.
  • Corrosion Free
  • Unaffected by UV Exposure
  • Excellent Fire Resistance
  •  It’s 75% faster to install compared to alternative pipe systems
  • The system is highly flexible and allows for easy additions and modifications
  • Up to 30% more efficient that non-aluminum pipe systems


The Quickline System is designed and manufactured according to company quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and is certified by the German TÜV Institute.


Pilot Air and its distributors offer a 10 year warranty on Quickline, and have experience installing thousands of metres of Quickline piping.



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