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New Offering: Pilot Air's NOBEL Series

NOBEL SERIES – The Compressed Air Choice for IndustryPilotAir Nobel 22 10 bar DV web res


The NOBEL Series is Pilot Air’s latest offering. This product is the newest direct drive, variable speed, oil injected in the rotary screw compressor range.


Available from 7.5 KW to 37 KW, the NOBEL series provides reduced lifetime cost of ownership and reduced energy costs. 

  • DNAir2 Controller with user friendly interface
  • Inverter – Variable Speed Drive provides high efficiency with energy savings of 20% in a typical installation.
  • Direct Drive Transmission for maximum efficiency and longevity.
  • Integrated Condensate Drain



DNAir 2 ControllerDNAir2 Controller 1

Utilised on all NOBEL models, the DNAir2 controller is specially designed for simple and flexible programming. It adjusts and controls the operation of the compressor, guaranteeing its efficiency and safety.



Service Management System (SMS) Service management system

SMS or Service Management System is an innovative new device that allows operators and service centres the possibility to remotely control and perform preventive maintenance checks on screw compressors equipped with a DNAir2 controller, provided that the device is configured for local internet network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity.



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