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Why Clean, Dry Compressed Air is Money in your Pocket

By: Martin Wylliemoney


Compressed air is often accepted as industry’s fourth utility after water, electricity and natural gas and is widely used in all kinds of industry.

Ensuring your compressed air system is clean and dry both maximises the efficiency of your system and reduces the running costs to your business.

All air contains some water vapour which can then condense in your system to liquid water. In addition, compressed air may also carry contaminates like lubricating oil carried over from the compressor, atmospheric aerosols and vapours, solid particles and rust from the air main and receivers and solid particles drawn in by the compressor.

Removing contaminants and water in your compressed air supply can provide significant benefits:

  • REDUCE DOWN TIME – Deposits of sludge formed by wet and contaminated air can slow or cause malfunctions in pneumatic equipment and result in loss of efficiency and production.
  • LOWER EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE – Moisture can wash away lubricants used for pneumatic tools decreasing their life span and increasing the expense of replacement parts
  • IMPROVE PRODUCT FINISH – In the case of compressed air being used for spray painting or coatings a poor paint or blasting finish resulting from moisture and contaminants increases rework costs.
  • REDUCED PRODUCT SPOILAGE – Moisture and contaminants can cause product spoilage where compressed air is used in the process.

Investing in quality compressed air dryers and filtration products to ensure high quality clean air will save you money and improve the quality of your product.

At Pilot Air, we offer a complete range of compressed air drying and filtration products to ensure your system produces the air quality you need for your business. Contact the team at Pilot Air for advice on how to clean your compressed air system and keep more money in your pocket.