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TFD Dryers

Compact, cost effective and is rated for Australian conditions with flow rates based on an ambient temperature of 35°c.

Pilot Air’s is proud to introduce its newest refrigerated air dryers range — the TFD series. In removing moisture, this is the most common and cost effective for industrial use as it cools air and reduces its ability to hold water.

Features include:

  • EXPANDED RANGE TO SUIT ALL APPLICATIONS UPGRADED ELECTRONIC CONTROL PANEL – Operation of the dryer is monitored by a digital thermometer in the control panel
  • HOT GAS BY-PASS VALVE – This innovative new design, incorporating greater precision and accuracy, prevents the formation of ice inside the evaporator under any load condition. The valve is set during final testing and no further adjustments are needed.
  • CONDENSATE DRAIN –  All models are fitted with a timed electronic drain. Discharge and pause times are adjustable.
  • CONDENSER – Generous sizing of the condenser ensures maximum performance of the refrigerant circuit and the ability to operate with changes in the ambient conditions. Easy access to the condenser for cleaning and maintenance.

To know more about the TFD Refrigerated dryers, click here.

Moisture and impurities can cause higher maintenance or failure of pneumatic equipment, poor product finish issues with painting, coating or blasting and potentially result in increased down time for your processes using compressed air. Watch the video below on air treatment:

Here at Pilot Air we can customise a solution to suit your compressed air system requirements and have a wide range of filters and refrigerated dryers for your air treatment needs.