About Us

About Pilot Air

Pilot Air are the experts in compressed air solutions and
take pride in providing Expertise, Support and Value.

We began our operations in 1980 and we’re still proudly Australian owned. Our experience in the industry has established us as one of the market leaders in the design, manufacture, sales, service and installation of air compressors, compressed air treatment products, compressed air delivery systems and components.


Unrivalled product expertise as we are specialists who Design, Manufacture
and Specify compressed air products and systems to meet the highest
standards in Durability and Reliability. With our Custom build manufacturing
capability, you are guaranteed the precise solution to your compressed air


An Experienced Technical Team with a national service network of over 50
technicians that is on call across Australia. You can rest assured you will
receive the Qualified Technical Support to Eliminate Energy Loss,
Minimise System Costs and Ensure Efficient and Correct Operation of your
compressed air system.


Value is not about low cost. It’s about receiving the Right Advice, the
Right Products and the Right Support to ensure a Trouble free, Long Life
compressed air system that ensures Minimum Downtime, Maximum
Performance and Long Lasting investment value from your compressed
air system.


• We provide pre-sales advice and system design support to clients to ensure that you purchase the most appropriate products to suit your individual needs.

• We have the technical expertise to create custom-built solutions for clients with specific needs.

• Our products are built to last.

• Our products offer “whole of life” value to our clients. When taking into account product durability, running costs, energy efficiency and servicing costs, an investment in Pilot Air’s products will provide value for money over the course of the air compressor’s life.

• We have strict quality controls. Pilot Air staff test EVERY compressor prior to shipping from our warehouses.

• We carry an extensive range of spare parts for both current and superseded product lines. Our clients have peace of mind in knowing that spare parts can be obtained even for older model air compressors.

• We have a network of over 50 qualified service technicians around Australia.



Pilot Air Compressors founded by John Pilotto with his son, Eddy Pilotto as the first employee. First reciprocating type compressor pumps and complete units built in Johns garage. Compressed Air Service offered from day one.

Company moves to its first factory location in Bankstown NSW.


The company imports its first reciprocating type compressor pumps from Italy; the ‘NS’ Series of pumps. Complete packages are manufactured in the Bankstown factory.

The first ‘K’ Series pumps are imported from Italy and manufactured into complete units.


Company moves to a larger factory in Silverwater NSW.

Pilot Air releases its first range of rotary screw type units


The company releases its first range of compressed air dryers and filters. The company expands its production facility to Auburn NSW and retains Silverwater factory as its head office and service base.

The company opens its Brisbane office in Sumner Park QLD


The company expands to a larger factory in Silverwater NSW and commences manufacture of rotary screw compressor packages.

The company relocates to a larger facility in Silverwater NSW


The company launches its first range of Variable Speed Drive rotary screw compressors.
2012-The company expands to a new site in Auburn NSW for its Service and Spares division.

The company relocates to a larger QLD office in Richlands QLD. The company releases its Quickline Air Distribution products. The company launches its first Scroll type oil free compressors.


The company relaunches it Classic ‘K’ series of reciprocating type compressors with added features.

The company launches its new range of vertical and horizontal air receivers.


The company launches the ‘OFP’ range of oil-free type reciprocating compressors