Air compressors for every application

Pressure safety valve, Relief valve at suction and discharge of gas turbine compressor to protect piping system from over pressure.

Pilot Air has been manufacturing air compressors for every application for over 40 years. As an Australian-owned family business, the team works to the highest engineering standards to deliver world-class compressed air solutions for the DIYer through to large-scale enterprise applications, including water treatment plants, theme parks, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and industrial manufacturing.

As a specialist manufacturer of modern, high-performance air compressor solutions, Pilot Air has the unique ability to customise air compressor solutions across a broad range of applications. Our technical team works closely with our industrial clients and designs solutions that tick all the boxes for performance, energy efficiencies, greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance and servicing costs.

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Future proof and digitally integrated

While Pilot Air has an excellent range of compact and portable air compressors for the handyman and workshop, our R&D over the past decade has driven a significant upsurge in industrial air compressors for high-demand locations. Distribution centres, extensive manufacturing facilities and demanding agricultural applications are reaping the benefits of our industry knowledge and customisation.

When performance, reliability and longevity cannot be compromised, we deliver compressed air solutions that not only future proof the infrastructure but are digitally integrated to meet technological advancements and streamline efficiencies within the business.

From portable to large scale rotary screw installations and more

Pilot Air has one of the country’s most extensive ranges of Australian-manufactured air compressors. Our product portfolio includes compact and portable units, including the new tall boy model, oil free air compressors for sensitive environments, silent air compressors, reciprocating models and our highly regarded fleet of rotary screw compressors. These include the Pilot Pac industrial range with advanced login controllers and our state-of-the-art ALTA-TEC variable speed air compressors with advanced login controllers and two-stage ultimate efficiency design. We also offer a range of compatible accessories, including air storage, treatment and air distribution products.

All our air compressor solutions are backed by our in-house service and maintenance division, and we stock an impressive inventory of genuine spare parts.

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Customising solutions for our industrial clients

Having an extensive range of air compressor products is one area where Pilot Air separates itself from its competitors. We have the ability to assess compressed air infrastructure needs and customise solutions that directly benefit our customers.

Our technical team utlises the latest in diagnostic software to pinpoint customers’ needs and tailor solutions that meet the current demands and allow for forecasted demand projections.

We are not a set-and-forget manufacturer. We aim to ensure our customers maximise their competitive advantages and have 100% confidence in the infrastructure investment.

Our agility enables us to work directly with each customer and deliver exceptional service, long-term relationship value, and the high-performance air compressors that work as hard as they do to keep their businesses running.

Our team is technically qualified to deliver scalable solutions that enable businesses to plan and forecast with certainty. We are tightly integrated, with digital natives and advanced problem solvers who understand business systems and the importance of working with the operation to fully service the demands of their particular operation.

Personalised service that guarantees results

At Pilot Air, we back our air compressor solutions with premium service. From the initial consultation to the finished installation, our team is on hand to attend to every detail.

You deal with the same person from start to completion, and our account managers and sales team are some of the most experienced and trusted in the industry.


Air Compressor Products

Our extensive range of compressed air products ensures we have the right solution for your business needs, no matter the industry or application. We also offer custom-built packages and compressed air systems that are fit for purpose and tailored to your budget.


Pilot Air’s K17PS TALLBOY is designed to minimise the footprint and maximise your space. Perfect for vehicle mount applications for air on the go.

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Pilot OFP11 Oil Free Industrial
Pilot OFP11 Oil Free Industrial

The largest of Pilot Air’s oil-free reciprocating range, the Pilot OFP11 Oil Free Industrial offers high-efficiency and reliability with an 11kW motor, 500L receiver and 1320L/min F.A.D.

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Pilot OFP4SI Oil Free Industrial Silent
Pilot OFP4SI Oil Free Industrial Silent

Enjoy 100% pure, oil-free air with the Pilot OFP4SI Oil Free Industrial air compressor, with the economy and durability of a reciprocating system technology in a super quiet package.

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