Pilot Air are the Experts Compressed Air Solutions

Compressed Air Distribution - Quality

All QUICKLINE products are subjected to rigorous prototype testing prior to being released into the market.

Every component is assessed for the following criteria:

  • Force analysis
  • Dimensional suitability
  • Materials tests
  • Geometric analysis
  • Mechanical strength analysis
  • Hydraulic resistance
  • Pressure test
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Temperature tests.

Only after a component meets a stringent criteria is it released into the marketplace.

As part of the routine quality control, every production batch is tested for :

  • Mould specification
  • Pneumatic leaks at 13 BAR
  • Polymer aging tests (1 hour at 54 Bar)
  • Temperature tests
  • Burst Pressure tests at 120-130 BAR

Quickline is manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality System

In addition they have the following certifications:

  • T.S.S.A.
  • RINA
  • Qualicoat
  • Henkel
  • TUV

10 Year Warranty

In line with the high quality of the products, Pilotair offer a 10 year warranty against any defective materials in the Fittings and Aluminium pipes.