b'40Rotary Screw CompressorsAlta-Tec SeriesDirect drive, variable speed, oilinjected rotary screwcompressor range that providesreduced lifetime cost ofownership and reduced energycostsVariable Speed Drive with Inverter Drive High Efficiency with Maximum Energy SavingsETIV - Advanced Electronic ControllersRemote Monitoring (On Demand)SMS Device (Service Management System)Preventive and Trageted MaintenanceTwo (2) year warranty on air end, one (1) year on all othercomponentsE T I V - A d v a n c e dE l e c t r o n i c C o n t r o l l e rUtilised on all Alta-Tec models. Controller with multi-functionbacklight LCD graphic display, the menu is drop down type. In themain screen are displayed: Working pressure (offload/load), Oiltemperature, Compressor status (standby, offload, load), Fan status(off/on), date and time and hours remaining before maintenance.www.pilotair.com.au | 1300 667 579'