b'42Rotary Screw CompressorsDCR SeriesDirect Coupled Transmission andVariable Speed Drives withGerman Air Ends means superiorlong life performance andsubstantial energy savings.Manufactured & Designed in Italy.DIRECT COUPLED TRANSMISSIONThe direct coupled transmission allows aperfect alignment of the air end tothe motor and offers high reliability and performance. Thisalso meanslower servicing costs with no drive belts to replace or tightenThe most energy efficient drive transmission availableLower noise levels, reduced vibration, fewer components and lowermaintenance requirementsSTATE OF THE ART GERMAN AIR ENDProven and extremely reliable lubricated single-stage compressor airends ensure low maintenance and long-lasting durabilityLARGE COOLING OIL CAPACITYSuits the toughest environmentINBUILT ROTATION PROTECTIONDamage to the compressor is avoided due to prevention of incorrectrotationCABINET DESIGN ALLOWS FOR EASY CONNECTION TO DUCTINGSYSTEM FOR REMOVAL AND / OR USE OF RECOVERABLE HEAT*Two (2) year warranty on air end, one (1) year on all othercomponentswww.pilotair.com.au | 1300 667 579'