b'63FT FiltersFILTER ELEMENTLarge surface area and in-depth bed filtration forhigh efficiency and low pressure dropDouble (inner and outer) polyester needle feltsock suitable for high temperatures (120C) andresistant to synthetic oilsPush on element with double o-ring for speedyelement replacement and air tight connection.Four grades of filtration to cover allrequirements for clean compressed air in respectof ISO 8573.1Silicone free manufacturing.Colour coded. No mistakes when replacingelementsFilter Grade Filter Grade Application Example3 MICRONFilter capable to separate emulsion and Normally installed on the inlet of dryers. Ideal asSeries P particles down to 3 micron. pre-filter for in-line filters (series SXZ), and(Green) for vacuum pumps, pneumatic blowing plants.Normally used on outlet of dryers as1 MICRONFilter capable to separate particles down to 1 (X) grade pre-filter. Used to prevent theSeries S micron, liquid and oil included. Maximum deterioration of the pipes of compressed air(Red) contents of residual oil 0,1 mg/m3. plants, for surface treatment, on vacuum pumpexhaust, on compressed air motors and as pre-filter for absorption dryers.Oil removing filter capable of separating0,01 MICRONresidual oil and extremely small particles down Used for the protection of control systems,Series X to 0,01 micron. Maximum contents of residual pneumatics haulage, painting systems and as(Yellow) oil 0,01 mg/m3.It produces air technically free post-filter for absorption dryers.from oil.Activated Carbon Activated carbon filter for the elimination of Used in the pharmaceutical industry, for dentalSeries Z oil vapours and odour. When installed, after an applications, in photographic workshops,(Black) (X) grade filter, it lowers the maximum packaging and galvanic treatments.contents of residual oil to 0,005 mg/m3.www.pilotair.com.au | 1300 667 579'