The Compressed Air Experts

At Pilot Air, after over 40 years perfecting our business model, our operation is a well-oiled machine. We know what works, and our compressed air experts are vital to the smooth and successful running of our business.


Martin Wyllie, Director

“Our people are like a family and our long-term customers become part of that family. You are never a number at Pilot Air.”

As one of Pilot Air’s Directors, Martin has overseen the business for over 25 years. With an extensive background in business management, sales and marketing, he is a leading compressed air expert. His expertise and passion for the industry and his commitment to Pilot Air have been part of the driving force behind the continued success of the company.

Eddy Pilotto, Director and Technical Manager

“Compressed air is in our DNA!”

Eddy is a Pilot Air stalwart, having been with the company since its formation in 1980.

Beginning his career as an apprentice fitter, turner and boilermaker at Pilot Air, Eddy has been involved in the repair, design and manufacture of compressed air products ever since.

He is one of the pillars of Pilot Air and has contributed so much to its continued success.

Darren Crutchfield, General Manager

“At Pilot Air, we have an unrelenting focus on the customer, providing value and support 24/7.”

Darren joined Pilot Air as our National Sales Manager in 2016. His commitment and focus saw him move up to the role of General Manager in 2018.

With a long career in sales and management in the industrial sector, Darren has experience in business across Australia, Africa, South East Asia, South America and Europe, and he spent nearly a decade working for the world’s largest air compressor manufacturer.

Rod Ribet, National Sales manager

Rod has a long history in sales with over 30 years’ experience with large corporations at a management level. He has been involved in the construction- building and hardware industries and brings a solid foundation to the team.

As National Sales Manager his motivation is to keep the family culture at Pilot Air by holding onto strong family values such as honesty, trust, loyalty and reliability. Offering good old fashion service means that every employee in the business is ready to deal with any of our customers at any time.

Matthew Kennedy, Distribution Manager

Matt is a driven sales executive that has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. During his time, he has won many awards for being a true professional in his field.

His motivation is to build strong, long standing relationships with his customers and offer an outstanding level of customer service.

Matt’s background and knowledge will ensure his customers’ needs are matched with the correct compressed air solution.

Finance and Administration team image

Finance and Administration

The glue that binds the teams together and ensures the smooth operation of Pilot Air as a whole, our finance and administration team is integral to the success of our business.

Based in our offices in Sydney and Brisbane, these experts are the behind-the-scenes heroes of Pilot Air.

Learn more about Pilot Air.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

Ensuring we provide our customers with the right technical expertise, ongoing support and fit for budget value, our Sales, Marketing and Customer Service team gives our customers the best experience possible.

No matter the application, problem or compressed air product, this team will work to bring you the best solution.

Learn more about our compressed air services.

Technical Service Spares Member

Technical Service and Spare Parts

Our Technical Service and Spares team provides the ongoing technical expertise and support throughout the life of your compressed air system… keeping it in top shape and running smoothly, year in and year out.

With a network of over 50 specialist technicians offering air compressor service and maintenance, and an extensive range of air compressor spare parts, our clients have peace of mind knowing they will continue to receive premium service.

Learn more about our air compressor service and spare parts.

Production Team Member

Production Team

The technical gurus of the Pilot Air team, our seasoned Production Team members are the experts in innovative air compressor manufacture and design. Testing every compressed air product that leaves the warehouse, our Production Team members take their jobs seriously… so you don’t have to worry.

With the technical expertise to create custom-built compressed air systems for your specific needs, Pilot Air creates fit for purpose and tailored to budget solutions for every client.

Learn more about our air compressor manufacture and compressed air systems.

Warehouse Team

Nobody knows the difficult shapes and sizes of our compressed air products better than our skilled Warehouse Team. Ensuring we pack each order carefully to minimise potential damage in transit, and inspecting all incoming goods to ensure we maintain strict quality controls, these team members are the gatekeepers of Pilot Air.

Learn more about our compressed air products.

Compressed Air Products

We have Australia’s most extensive range of air compressor solutions, from high-performance models to portable and compact units. We also manufacture the latest air storage, air treatment and air distribution solutions. We offer a complete inventory of spare parts and on or off-site servicing and maintenance and can customise a complete compressed air solution for any business. 

Best suited for industrial applications to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Rotary Screw

All the reliability of a Pilot Air product, in a quiet package.

Silent Air

Tailored for trade, professional or industrial applications.

Reciprocating Air

Horizontal and vertical air receivers to complete a compressed air system installation.

Compressed Air

100% pure oil-free air, designed for applications where air quality is critical.

Oil-Free Air

A range of products that offer safe, clean air, free from impurities.

Compressed Air

Ideal for clients with small, specialist compressed air requirements.

Compact Air

Efficient and easy to install, with high-quality components.

Compressed Air

Perfect for noise sensitive environments where air demands are constant.

Portable Air

Perfect for noise sensitive environments where air demands are constant.

Portable Air

Complete solutions, including horizontal and vertical air receivers.

Compressed Air

Ideal for clients with small, specialist compressed air requirements.

Compact Air