Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air is a valuable source of power. It is safe, flexible and used in all areas of industry. Like any other energy source, it benefits from being clean and free from impurities. With refrigerated air dryers, compressed air filters, workshop filtration and pressure regulators, and automatic condensate drains, Pilot Air has your compressed air treatment needs covered.

Compressed Air Dryers

Remove moisture from your air compressor system with the Pilot Air TFD series of compressed air dryers. Pilot air has a variety of models available to suit your airflow and application requirements.

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Industrial Compressed Air Filtration

The Pilot Air FT range of industrial compressed air filtration systems improves the functionality of your compressed air system, ensuring it is clean and free from impurities and odours.

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Workshop Filtration and Pressure Regulators

The Pilot Air range of standard workshop filtration systems offers workshop type filters and filter pressure regulator combinations.

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Automatic Condensate Drains

The Pilot Air range of compressed air condensate drains will reduce operating and maintenance costs, and maximise ease of operation.

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