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Custom Built Compressor Packages

Pilot Air specialises in designing and building custom built air compressors to suit your specific requirements.

We understand that in some situations, a standard air compressor that is bought off the shelf may not be the optimal solution for every application. Our unique custom built service is the perfect solution.

We have a team of technical experts, who work with clients to assess their needs, provide advice and design fully customised compressed air systems.

At our manufacturing plant in Silverwater, Sydney, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled technicians who build customised solutions for our clients. We can also assist in installation.

Why put up with a compressed air system that doesn’t ideally suit your needs? Contact us to enquire about our Custom Built Packages.


These are some examples of the custom built packages we have created for our clients.

Pilot Air Custom Built Packages - Requirement Assessment
Custom Built Packages - Examples