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We know that purchasing compressed air equipment is a significant investment. We are committed to protecting your investment by ensuring we have genuine spare parts available in inventory for current and superseded models if replacement parts are required.

For many of our clients a reliable air supply is a crucial element in running their business. The event of an Air Compressor breakdown can have serious financial consequences for the business and it is imperative that the Air Compressor is back up and running. Fast. To support our clients, we keep a wide range of spare parts on standby enabling us to supply replacement parts with minimum wait times.

Contact our Spare Parts Department by emailing or call 1300 667 579.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts, Components and Accessories Range

Compressor Pumps

Italian made reciprocating compressor pumps, complete with flywheel. View range

Electric Motor Parts

240V Electric Motors – FASCO quality, with separate start & run capacitors
415V Electric Motors – Built by WEG, energy efficient, MEPS compliant. View range

Air Compressor Oil

Specially formulated air compressor oil for both reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. Made in Australia. View range