What to look for in a portable air compressor

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While portable air compressors offer convenience and flexibility, there are a number of factors to consider before making a purchasing decision to ensure you receive the best product for your budget.

While weight and portability are obvious considerations, free air delivery, noise level, air pressure and volume and tank size will all affect the quality of your compressed air and the system’s efficiency.

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Free air delivery

In order for an air compressor to meet the air consumption requirements of the application, it must produce an adequate flow rate, or volume of air – known as free air delivery.

Measured by the volume of air it moves, in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or litres per minute, free air relates to the capacity of the air compressor, which varies from system to system.

Pilot Air’s portable air compressors have free air delivery capabilities that range from 161L/min (5.7CFM) to 300L/min (10.6CFM).

Air pressure

Air pressure

While CFM measures the volume of air produced, pounds per square inch (PSI) measures the pressure of the compressed air system.

The force, or pressure, of the air is what gives the portable air compressor its power.

Ensuring your portable air compressor is enabled with adequate PSI is crucial in order to experience optimal functionality and reduce energy inefficiencies.

Pilot Air’s portable air compressors have maximum pressure outputs that range from 140 – 160 PSI.

Noise level

If you require a portable air compressor for a noise-sensitive environment, then the loudness of your potential compressor is an important consideration.

The Pilot Air range of portable air compressors has models ideal for noise sensitive environments, starting with a noise level of just 59 d(B)A – less than our larger silent air compressor range.

Extensive product range

Extensive product range

Our portable air compressors are designed with high-quality Italian components and are built tough to last. Suitable for a range of applications, including noise-sensitive environments where air demands are constant, our portable compressors are lightweight, easily portable and easily relocatable.

Our product range and large stock levels, combined with our comprehensive spare parts inventory, ensure we maintain your compressed air system’s reliability and efficiency while reducing whole-of-life operating costs.

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From air compressors through to compressed air storage, treatment and distribution, our extensive range of compressed air products ensures we have the right solution for your business needs, no matter the industry or application. We also offer custom-built packages and compressed air systems that are fit for purpose and tailored to your budget.

Pilot MK 265-3 Ute 240V Reciprocating
Pilot MK 265-3 Ute 240V Reciprocating

Part of the Direct Drive MK series, the Pilot MK 265-2 Ute 240V Reciprocating air compressor is lightweight, compact and easy to move - ideal for job sites and applications that require versatile systems.

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