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FT Compressed Air Filters – FT Filter Series

Compressed Air is a valuable source of power. It is safe, flexible and used in all areas of industry. Like any other energy source, it benefits from being clean and free from impurities.

Pollutants often seen in compressed air are:

  • Lubricating oil carried over from air compressors;
  • Atmosphere corrosive gases inhaled by the air compressor;
  • Aerosols and vapours;
  • Solid particles and rust from air main and receivers;
  • Solid particles drawn in by the air compressor.

Often the effect of high temperatures and pressures will concentrate these contaminants, forming acidic condensate. This condensate will cause corrosion and problems for pneumatic equipment and quality problems in applications like spray painting.

Also, the oil carried from the air compressor is not usually suitable for lubricating downstream equipment and must be removed.

Concepts and Technical Innovations

  • Easy to read differential pressure gauge or indicator to monitor the filter element performance (if installed).
  • Protected filter head and bowl threads to allow easy bowl removal for element replacement.
  • The large cross section of flow channels ensures reduced pressure drop.
  • Pressure relief device to allow safe removal of the filter bowl.
  • Hexagonal filter bowl clamp ring for ease of bowl removal.
  • Aluminium filter bodies are anodised inside and outside to prevent corrosion. External surfaces are powder coated.
  • Modular facility for simple series connection of multiple filters or wall mounting.

Filter Element

  • Large surface area and in-depth bed filtration for high efficiency and low pressure drop.
  • Double (inner and outer) polyester needle felt sock suitable for high temperatures (120 ̊C) and resistant to synthetic oils.
  • Push on element with double o-ring for speedy element replacement and air tight connection.
  • Four grades of filtration to cover all requirements for clean compressed air in respect of ISO 8573.1.
  • Silicone free manufacturing.
  • Colour coded. No mistakes when replacing elements.

Product Manuals

FT Filters – Download Product Manual