Pilot ALTA-TEC Industrial 30-37 Variable Speed Rotary Screw

The Pilot ALTA-TEC Industrial 30-37 Variable Speed Rotary Screw air compressor is part of the ALTA-TEC range – the newest direct drive, variable speed (with inverter drive), oil injected rotary screw compressor range. Enjoy preventative and targeted maintenance, reduced lifetime cost of ownership and reduced energy costs.

  • ETIV advanced electronic controllers
  • 30-37kW motor
  • 66-70 d(B)A




    Model Free Air Delivery @8 Bar Free Air Delivery @10 Bar Motor Size Noise Level Dimensions Weight
    L/S CFM L/S CFM KW HP d(B)A L x W x H (mm) kg(Approx.)
    AT 30VS 80.8-33 171-70 71.6-26.7 152-57 30 40 66 1590x960x1560 845
    AT 37VS 110-44.6 233-95 90-28.5 191-61 37 50 70 1590x960x1560 925
    • F.A.D. as per ISO1217 @ 7.5 – 9.5 Bar.
    • Sound levels measure as per ISO 1217 Standards.
    • Technical data conforms to +/- 5%. Pilot Air reserves the right to modification without notice for design and technical improvements.
    • Optional operating pressures available at 10 and 13 BAR. Contact Pilot Air or your authorised agent for details.
    • High standards ensure reliability and service life, however, a full coverage for 12 months and an additional 12 months on the air end gives complete confidence.
    • For over 40 years Pilot Air Compressors has been meeting the needs of industry. Ask us about your requirements.

    The Pilot ALTA-TEC Industrial 30-37 Variable Speed Rotary Screw air compressor features remote monitoring (on demand) – via GSM, GPRS, Ethernet or WiFi module – for online compressor status, remote assistance, connection with PC, smartphone and tablet, and connection between neighbour compressors. The additional Service Management System (SMS) device allows operators and service centres to remotely control and perform preventive maintenance checks on screw compressors equipped with ETIV controller. These facilities are provided when the device is configured for local internet network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity. The SMS system allows for emails to be sent automatically in the case of a fault or other anomalies and/or for automatic regular emails (hourly, daily or weekly) to be sent to monitor the proper operation of the compressor and to define the remaining hours for service. Other information and settings can be accessed remotely aimed at safeguarding the reliability of the system.

    The ETIV advanced electronic controllers include:

    • Working pressure (offload/load)
    • Oil temperature
    • Compressor status (stand-by, offload, load)
    • Fan status (off/on)
    • Date and time
    • Hours remaining before maintenance