Pilot DCR 45-315 Variable Speed Rotary Screw

With the most energy efficient drive transmission on the market, the Pilot DCR 45-315 Variable Speed Rotary Screw air compressor offers reliability and high performance. Other features include lower noise levels, reduced vibration, fewer components and lower maintenance requirements.

  • State of the art German air end
  • Large cooling oil capacity
  • Inbuilt rotation protection
  • EPS 4 controller




    Model Free Air Delivery @8 Bar Free Air Delivery @10 Bar Motor Size Noise Level Dimensions Weight
    L/S CFM L/S CFM KW HP d(B)A L x W x H (mm) kg(Approx.)
    DCR 45VS 30.0—123.3 63.6—261.3 34.2-103.3 72.4-219.0 45 60 74 1804x1100x1780 1200
    • F.A.D. as per ISO1217 @ 7.5 – 9.5 Bar.
    • Sound levels measure as per PNEUROP / CAGI Standards.
    • Technical data conforms to +/- 5%. Pilot Air reserves the right to modification without notice for design and technical improvements.
    • Optional operating pressures available at 10 and 13 BAR. Contact Pilot Air or your authorised agent for details.
    • High standards ensure reliability and service life, however, a full coverage for 12 months and an additional 12 months on the air end gives complete confidence.
    • For over 40 years Pilot Air Compressors has been meeting the needs of industry. Ask us about your requirements.

    The Pilot DCR 45-315 Variable Speed Rotary Screw air compressors have direct coupled transmission, allowing for perfect alignment of the air end to the motor – ensuring reliability, performance and low servicing costs. Proven and extremely reliable lubricated single-stage compressor air ends ensure low maintenance and long-lasting durability and the large cooling oil capacity suits even the toughest environment. The cabinet design allows for easy connection to the ducting system for removal and/or use of recoverable heat. The DCR Series Compressors are built using high quality, durable components throughout. The attention to detail in the design, build and testing results in an extremely durable, quiet and energy efficient air compressor that is built to last.

    EPS 4 controller features:

    • Programmable controller with a digital display for maintenance, malfunction and machine status
    • High level diagnostic ability
    • Ability to sequence control up to 6 DCR units (optional)
    • Standard across DCR + VS units

    Additional features:

    • Standard oil recovery system to prevent spills and coolant waste
    • Standard pre-filter to prevent impurities in the intake air and extend service intervals and machine life
    • Built-in automatic condensate drains (standard on 18kW – 250kW – optional on other models).
    • Standard aftercooler for outgoing compressed air. Maximises condensate extraction.

    Variable Speed Vs Standard Rotary Screw Compressor

    • Elimination of electrical absorption peaks in the motor start-up phase
    • Optimisation of the energy consumption of the compressor with a ratio directly proportional to the compressed air demand
    • Constant regulation of the working pressure with a maximum drift of 0.2 bar
      Elimination of the waste of compressed air in on-off regulation determined by the need to depressurise the air-oil tank every time a vacuum is created in the machine
    • Reduced wear of the mechanical parts, screw bearings and motor.