Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver

The Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver air compressor is the perfect choice for workshop and industrial requirements. With Italian designed and manufactured air end, the lower air end speeds reduce wear and increase service life. Designed for continuous operation without a drop in performance.

  • Advanced electronic controllers
  • 7.5-15kW motor
  • 68-70 d(B)A




    Model Free Air Delivery @8 Bar Free Air Delivery @10 Bar Motor Size Reciever Size Noise Level Dimensions Weight
    L/S CFM L/S CFM KW HP Liters d(B)A L x W x H (mm) kg(Approx.)
    PAC 7.5-RM 20.8 44.1 16.7 35.3 7.5 10.0 268 68 1500 x 650 x 1650 275
    PAC 11-RM 27.5 58.2 25.0 53.0 11.0 15.0 268 69 1500 x 650 x 1650 290
    PAC 15-RM 35.8 75.9 30.8 65.3 15.0 20.0 268 70 1500 x 650 x 1650 300
    • F.A.D. as per ISO1217 @ 7.5 – 9.5 Bar.
    • Sound level measured in accordance with PNEUROP / CAGI Standards.
    • Technical data conforms to +/- 5%. Pilot Air reserves the right to modification without notice for design and technical improvements.
    • Warranty: 2 years on compressor pump, 1 year on all other components.
    • For over 40 years Pilot Air Compressors has been meeting the needs of industry. Ask us about your requirements.

    Enjoy simple and efficient maintenance with the Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver air compressor, with easily accessible internal components. The poly-v belt driven system offers long life and minimum maintenance, while the cooling system has a thermally controlled independent radial fan that ensures constant air and oil temperatures, even during heavy working conditions.

    The advanced electronic controllers include:

    • Four maintenance timers (air cartridge, oil, oil filter, oil separator)
    • Automatic restart after power failure
    • Cooling fan temperature settable
    • Compressor remote start settable
    • Integrated sequence phase display
    • Controller with multi-function backlight display, with alphanumeric menu. The main screen displays: working pressure (offload/load), oil temperature, total working hours, on-load working hours, compressor status led (stand-by, offload, load), hours remaining before maintenance.