Pilot Dr Sonic 160-24v-1.5

The Pilot Dr Sonic 160-24v-1.5 oil-free air compressor design ensures no oil carry-over or residues. Insulated by a multiple stage anti-vibration damping system and designed with soundproofing material, it has the lowest noise ratio and allows for vibration-free operation. Perfect for dental laboratories, hospitals and other paramedical applications.

  • 115L/min free air delivery
  • 56 d(B)A noise level
  • 1.1kW motor
  • 55kg weight



    Model Pump Ideal No. of Dental Chairs Free Air Delivery @ 5 Bar Motor Size Max Pressure Receiver Size Noise Level Dimensions Weight
    L/Min CFM KW HP kPA PSI Litres d(B)A L X W X H (mm) KG
    Dr Sonic 160-24V-1.5M MK 160 1-2 115 4 1.1 1.5 8 116 24 56 400x500x750 55

    Specially designed shroud filled with soundproofing material and combined with internal cooling offers low noise, so you can relax with the Pilot Dr Sonic 160-24v-1.5 system in operation. Model Codes FM and ES respectively feature single and twin tower absorption dryers for condensate-free, dry air. High-thickness tank inner coating made with anti-oxidant epoxy paint makes air free of any smell, while offering internal oxidation proofed protection. Ideal for 1-2 dental chairs, it is designed to ensure low noise level and hygienic operation. Producing air that is free of smell and condensates, this system has secure starting which allows it to restart with no problems after power failure. Enjoy high performance and trouble-free operation.