Quickline Aluminium Branch Plugs

The Pilot Quickline Aluminium Branch Plugs are high quality stainless steel and nickel coated brass valves. Designed and manufactured to high tolerances for leak-free operation, they are part of the Quickline Air Delivery System.

  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Quickline pipe insertion ready
  • Variety of sizes


    Quickline Aluminium Branch plugs are part of the Quickline Air Delivery System, which sets the benchmark for compressed air delivery. Highly efficient and cost-effective, this system features smart, Italian designed components.

    Quickline is manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality System

    In addition they have the following certifications:

    • T.S.S.A.
    • RINA
    • Qualicoat
    • Henkel
    • TUV

    10 Year Warranty

    In line with the high quality of the products, Pilotair offer a 10 year warranty against any defective materials in the Fittings and Aluminium pipes.